Music lessons are a matter of the heart!

Discover your talents and take advantage of our expertise
where you need it.

Wether it is in individual lessons or in making music together - what we care about is you and your passion for music.

Take your time, scroll down, look around and find the tune that suits you.

Music Group

We offer

The Music School in Flingern is a product of the Music Academy on the Rhine. Founded in 2013 as a privately run music school, it offers a wide range of courses for professionals, advanced students and beginners of all ages.
We also cater for international students and offer them a musical education within the various systems that they might come from, such as ABRSM. This includes courses in music theory, music history, performance practise and much more.

We are

The four founders are successful and versatile professional musicians, who are supported by a team of accomplished teachers.
The Music School Flingern benefits from this offer by being the part of the professional "Akademie für Musik am Rhein" and makes the quality needed for a professional career in music available to everybody in a stress-free environment.
It is our ambition to create a space that can be shared by all who are passionate about music.

Our goal

We are convinced that only those who make good progress will experience the profound joy that comes from making music. Part of achieving this is the right encouragement, high quality in teaching and a sensitivity for the personal needs of the students.
Discover your talents and take advantage of our expertise where you need it.
Wether it is in individual lessons or in making music together - what we care about is you and your passion for music.

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An Instrument for everyone!

Especially popular choices at our school include:
Piano, Keyboard, Singing (pop and classical), Guitar (electric and acoustic), Violin, Viola, Cello, Double bass, Recorder, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet.

Should the instrument you want to learn not be included in this list, please don’t hesitate to ask us about it.

Are you unsure which instrument might be the right one for you? Just make appointments for various trial lessons.

We also offer instruments that you can rent and are happy to help with caring for them!


Lessons take place on a weekly basis except during school and public holidays and are priced as follows:
45 minutes weekly at 450€ per trimester
30 minutes weekly at 320€ per trimester

No payment during the holidays.
No need to care about canceling the contract on time.
We reduce trimester fee for late-beginners.
Individual conditions are also possible.
10% discount apply for each additional contract or instrument per family. 

Our contracts are limited to the trimester and prolong only if you wish to do so. 
Request your copy of the contract for personal reading.

We offer a free trial lesson for each instrument/teacher.
We provide you with a rental instrument including service if you wish.

How to apply?


Contact us

Let us know the name, age and instrument of your choice by writing an E-Mail to
or calling us under 021136791551 (German speakers)



Depending on the instrument of your choice we will organise a tryout lesson, answer your questions, make an individual offer if needed and find a day and time for regular lessons. 



If you like to enroll with us after the tryout, we will provide you a copy of your contract for personal reading. Fill out the information, sign and return us a copy.



Stay in touch with us, get information about progress and advises for better home-practising. Take part in concerts and enjoy your music lessons!

The four founders of the Musikschule Flingern

Please, click on the photo to read more about the person or
 refer to this page for the complete list of our teachers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by writing an E-Mail (
Mr. Sarkisjan is in charge for the communication with you. 

Ackerstraße 115
40233 Düsseldorf


Telefon: 021136791551